Tihanyi abbey

The most famous monument of the Balaton highlands, the Benedictine abbey church, built on one of the high points of the Tihany peninsula, is clearly visible from many angles. The two-towered church, which has become a symbol of Tihany, is a gem of Hungarian Baroque. The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany was founded in 1055 by King Andrew I, in honour of St. Anos and the Virgin Mary, on the steeply sloping eastern edge of the volcanic mountain range of the Tihany peninsula.

Veszprém castle

The castle of Veszprém was built in the 10th and 11th centuries on one of the hills of the city, the Castle Hill. A wall running around the edge of the steep, rugged hillsides marks the site of the former fortress, where today historic buildings rise step by step. The visitor should not expect to see a classic medieval stone building with a thick wall, but instead a whole old-fashioned atmosphere and spirit of the castle quarter as he passes through the Heroes' Gate… The quarter, which has since been given a Baroque appearance, is the main attraction of the city. There are also great lookout points and important programme venues.

Bobsleigh, Balatonfűzfő

The Balaton bobsleigh track is situated 10 km from Veszprém on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in one of the most beautiful forest areas of Balatonfűzfő, 500 metres from the centre of the town. Since August 2001, the track has become a popular destination for families, excursion groups and tourists visiting the area, operating all year round. The highest point of the 20,000 m² facility offers a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Balaton. In addition, the Serpa Adventure Park, built next to the track, offers exciting entertainment.

Annagora Aquapark Balatonfüred

The Annagora Aquapark in Balatonfüred offers unforgettable experiences for young and old alike. A variety of wave pools, water slides and playful children's pools await beach lovers thirsting for water experiences in the adventure pool.

Annagora Aquapark, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is a great place to have fun for those looking for extreme water experiences. The spa offers a range of social and playful activities and caters for families with children.

Herend porcelain manufactory

Since its foundation in 1826, the Herendi Porcelain Manufactory has been faithful to its tradition of producing handcrafted masterpieces. Porcelain used to be called "white gold", a privilege to own, a prestige, a coveted object, a value. From the raw porcelain mass, through the skilled craftsmen who disc and cast it, to the value-creating fires of the kiln and the finishing touches on the painting brush, the work is still done by hand in Herend. Honouring the value-creating work of the great forerunners, preserving their spirit, never leaving the path they set, and thus creating the values that are known and recognised in every inhabited continent of the world. This is how Herend Porcelain is born: a Hungaricum, part of the Hungarian Heritage.

Sobri Jóska Adventure park, Városlőd

The Sobri Jóska Bakony Adventure Park is one of Hungary's most exciting adventure parks, with a host of fantastic activities for visitors.
Programme offer: ark building, water balloon, jetski, wood climbing, 3D hoop, wire rope course, laser fight, snowmobile, trampoline, rafting, archery, climbing wall, petting zoo, adventure castle, rodeo bull, small train, quad, water obstacle courses, raft, bouncy castles, gold panning, airsoft, electric cars, go-karts, sniper, Nautic Jet boat slide, Hámori Castle-Ten Trial, Rotundo carousel for kids, water slide, water rider, water bike, FBI academy.
The beach is really child-friendly, with only 120 cm deep water for children to play in.

ZOO, Veszprém

The Veszprém Zoo is the third zoo in Hungary to be founded, after the Budapest Zoo, a few months after the Debrecen Zoo.

The aim of the Kittenberger Kálmán Botanical and Wildlife Park in Veszprém is to keep animals in enclosures of a size and design that meets their natural needs, and to participate in several international species conservation programmes. In addition, education and training are also important, with regular educational lectures.

Subspecies seen only at the Veszprém Zoo: Iberian wolf, Sri Lankan leopard, jselada, nine-banded armadillo, impala, striped wildebeest, spotted deer, bearded owl, serval.

Balaton Adventure Park

The Balaton Experience Park is located in one of the most beautiful places on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, at the entrance to the Nostor Valley, on the outskirts of Csopak. The park is a great place to spend your leisure time, as it is child and family friendly, but also offers a lot of experiences for adults. Ropes courses, sports fields, minigolf, archery, air rifle, slingshot shooting complete their services.

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