Attractions of Balatonalmádi


The Balatonalmádi municipality has decorated the railway underpass with oil paintings, digital photos, graphics and watercolours by artists from Balatonalmádi and from here. The exhibition, which is renewed every six months, aims to show the works of the town's talented artists to as many people as possible.

The works exhibited in the VasútARTjáró are renewed every six months. The removed works can be purchased at the Tourinform Office in Balatonalmádi.

"Handshake" Europe Sculpture Park

The Handshake Europe Sculpture Park was added to the city in 2013. The works of national and European artists have been given a worthy place in the beautiful St. Elizabeth's Grove. Every two years a different country will present several sculptures, the first being Italy under the plane trees. Among the permanent works is a beautiful gift from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, entitled "Handshake".

Holy Right Chapel in St Imre Church

The Chapel of St Right lay for a long time in the Buda Castle, while a collapsed floor of the Royal Palace protected it from total destruction. In the 1950s, the interior of the chapel was transported by truck to Balatonalmádi, where it was restored by dedicated hands.

Óvári foresight

The shape of the specially named lookout is also different. One of the most beautiful lookout points on Lake Balaton is the lookout point built at the turn of the century on a red stone base, from which the panorama is beautiful, especially towards the Fűzfő Bay.

The lookout, built at the turn of the century, was named after Dr. Ferenc Óvári, a lawyer and member of Parliament, who did a lot for Balatonalmádi, including the construction of the lookout and the railway network.

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